Company brief introduction

A9 Online KH CO., LTD. focuses on social e-commerce, while also offer product purchasing service from China such as Taobao, Tian Mao, Jin Dong and other shopping app platform, with years of experience in product trade both domestic and abroad, which allows us to fully understand the market demands of manufacturers and brand owners, committed to building brands for companies and businesses both domestic and abroad.

A9 integrates high-quality supply chain resources, with the mission of "determining production according to needs and rapid turnover", using the Internet and big data technology to empower the supply side, strictly selected and high quality, cost-effective products, build a warehouse, logistic system, whole-process data monitoring for product and information distribution, enabling services for many and multiple types of enterprises in the food, clothing, electronics, and retail industries at home and abroad.


【A9 platform introduction】       

A9 e-commerce platform starts with "deepen service” as the main purpose, provide product transactions for both individuals and cooperate uses in Southeast Asia, achieve shopping platform for e-commerce, working hard to provide users with rich, new, high-value daily necessities, electronic products, home appliances, agricultural products, etc. And to create a convenient, pleasant, and more value-added online shopping environment for users and more opportunities for wealth creation.

【A9 e-commerce Values】    

 (High quality and low price)    

A9 has a huge profession both domestic and international, professional at selecting staff, follows market research, data analysis and other methods, carefully select the best-selling products in both national and international, purchase directly from the manufacturer, reduce shipping cost, elimination of intermediary price difference, and at last all users in Southeast Asia can afford low price but high-quality products.

(Technical support)  

A9 platform uses IoT (Internet of thing) as a core, including China, USA and Canada technical team, in addition to developing a large number of online, offline tools, and going through huge data algorithms matching at the same time, to allow users to shop their desirable items in a stable, high-quality internet environment.

​(Merchant introduction) 

Besides product introduction, the A9 platform also supports various suppliers settle in, but there are strict requirements for supplier qualifications and product quality, not only fully guarantee the quality of customer's shopping, but also guarantee the reasonable interests of the supplier.

(Personality Empowerment)

A9 core platform development is platform promoter, user operation system accumulated over many years of practice combined with community retail, create a growth path and empowerment service for the promoters to help promoter to build an individual centered retail terminal. The platform continuously optimizes the trading system through deep cultivation of the supply chain and improves the efficiency of commodity circulation and distribution. The Business side promoters provide personalized and warm retail services, and jointly create value for customers.

· 7 big Benefits:         

1. Self-built warehousing and logistics network to ensure delivery.

_The A9 platform has established operated distribution warehousing and logistics systems in Cambodia and all parts of Southeast Asia. Once local users place an order, they can respond quickly to ensure that the goods are delivered to customers as soon as possible.

2. Goods are shipped from the source, no middlemen.

_ Because of the strong buyer resources, the goods or services provided by the A9 platform are shipped from the source, and there is no middleman to earn the difference, so that users can buy better quality goods at a lower price, and after-sales service is also guaranteed.

3. 9​ hour of online customer service waiting to assist you.

_A9 platform has our own customer service group, no matter if it a phone call, or on APP, 9 hours service available, to resolve all after-sale and other problems from customers. We will soon have a 24 hour of customer service online for you.

4. Big data analysis, intelligent product recommendation

_According to 200 different categories such as customer’s region, age, gender, purchase history, etc. A9 platform will go through all of customer history action and analyze, to help a customer find things that they desire quicker and make it easier for merchants to promote their market. 

5. system and rights protection system

_A9 establish customer evaluation system, complaints and right protection channels, high standard execution and ensure customers can shop with peace of mind.

6. Strong internal driving force for social e-commerce growth.

_ A9 combines branding and merchandise sales together, and its essence is merchandise sales distribution and merchandise information distribution. A9 has built an online retail network with individuals as the retail terminal, providing brands with incremental channels for the integration of product and sales through social sharing and word-of-mouth communication, and plans to increase the efficiency of product information distribution through small videos, live broadcasts, etc. And diversity; A9 has established more connection points between people to people, and can effectively, sustainably, and manage the connection points on a large scale, which is an important driving force for the internal growth of social e-commerce.

7. Group of professional, full of experiences.

A9 platform building technic, data operation, customer service operation and designer are from China, United States of America and Canada, etc. each has more than 10 years of experience working.

(A9. A9 supplier, A9 Promoter, A9 User)

A9: Provide overseas sales channels for suppliers, build convenience for users, new online shopping platform, reduce middle connection, provide convenience for both parties.

A9 supplier: increase sale channels, reduce product stocking, logistic problem and shorten the sale cycle.

A9 promoter: On the online retail network with Xiaob as the retail terminal, social sharing and word-of-mouth communication are more conducive to the incremental distribution of goods, and the efficiency and diversity of product information distribution can allow individual Xiaob to obtain more commissions;

A9 user: Enjoy the feeling of convenience brought by shopping online, enjoy low price but high-quality product from overseas, enjoy after-sale service.