Shopping Instruction

Shopping Instruction

Dear beloved customer, due to all our products being shipped from overseas, we recommended that you must read all the shopping notes and warnings below before you shop or place your order.

【About authenticity】   

All products meet Cambodia's domestic quality inspection standards but might be slightly different in China, so please be careful when buying. All products have an after-sale guarantee service, allowing you to shop without worries.

【About color differences】

Our company guaranteed that all products picture are taken from the real one, but due to brightness, environment and color differences, the products might look slightly different. To resolve this, the customer can refer to the specific color written in the product description. Please think and consider carefully before purchasing

【Exchange product within 3 days】

All the A9 Mall products that you bought from the platform can exchange within 3 days.

Products listed below aren’t affected by the “Exchange product within 3 days ” policy:

1.    Health products, things that are fresh and perishable

2.    Adult products       

3.    Buyer customized products      

4.    Digital products and virtual products

Product quality problems are caused by unauthorized maintenance, misuse, collision, negligence, abuse, liquid intake, accidents, alterations, incorrect installation, tearing up or altering labels, machine serial numbers, and anti-counterfeiting marks.

Note: The products bought overseas are not included in this policy.

【About shipping】

The company promised that the product will be shipped out within 72 hours after the order. If there is a delay, please contact customer service to solve the problem.

The above situation does not include pre-sale goods, goods involving customs clearance, large promotion events, holidays, and other delivery delays. Please kindly understand.

【About Overseas shipping time】

Relating to shipping time estimation, actual delivery time will be affected by customs clearance, weather and other uncontrollable problems; you can go to "My order" page and follow the shipping time update on your product, for further question please talk to the customer service.

Remote region delivery will have some delay, unavailable items, for specific delivery time please refer to "My order" page to keep track of your product's shipping, any other question can be answered by customer service.

【About wrong delivery, missing delivery and product out of stock 】

If the wrong product was delivered, customers can enjoy return service for free. If there is a missing product in the delivery, customers can enjoy return and replenishment service for free. If the product is out of stock and can’t be delivered, they can enjoy a full refund . please consult customer service for more information.

【About compensation】

If the buyer's address is unknown, there is a mistake, the telephone can't be contacted, and other personal reasons cause problems, no compensation will be given; or if the delivery is slow, don't want, and other reasons are rejected unilaterally, the platform won't bear the responsibility. If the storage is improper due to personal reasons and the storage time is too long, it is not within the compensation scope.

【About aftersales】

The company owns all of the customer's completed aftersales systems, as long as the order has been confirmed, the customer can enjoy the full aftersales service from the company. If you have any problem with the product, please leave the product in its original condition and contact customer service to resolve the issue.

【About pricing】

The counter price, tag price, genuine retail price, manufacturer's guide price, the product's previous sales price, etc., are not the original price and are only for reference. Please refer to the real-time price.

【About packaging】

The picture and description of the products are just for reference, because of rapid change on product packaging and upgrade, that’s why the product you receive might not be the same as the picture or description on our website, this is a normal situation, and isn’t eligible for a return, please refer to the last product products you receive as final.

【Relating to user verification】

Real-name authentication is required to purchase cross-border goods. E-commerce companies should verify individuals' identity information (Buyer) who purchase cross-border commercial retail imported goods and provide the customs with valid identity information certified by the national competent authority.

A9 customer service will not be in any reason to ask you for your bank information, verification number or email. If any of this happens to you, please contact the company's official customer service immediatelyand please stay on high alert for possible dangers.