Express Delivery

Express Delivery

We use high-quality express delivery companies to deliver your product, safety guaranteed, deliver to you efficiently, and we don’t support selecting your own express delivery company.

1.    Delivery Time

A9 sold products will be delivered directly from the warehouse closest to you, on normal condition after your payment, all products will be out for delivery within 72 hours. Because of the differences between warehouses, the arrival time of all merchandise is not the same, so a user can go through the personal customer center and check " To be receive " to track progress.

Precaution: In case of traffic control, storm, flood, holidays, holidays, major sales activities of e-commerce companies have caused a surge in orders, power failure and other special situation (including system malfunction) And some special-order types (Such as pre-sale activities, special delivery date instructions, etc.), there will be delays.

2.    Delivery area

- Support every area in Cambodia

3.      Standard delivery fee

-      A9 store-owned product shipping is free, the postage of third-party merchants will be charged according to the information displayed on the order page below.

4.    Product’s receipt

1.    When receiving the product please inspect the package carefully to see if it’s good or not, no trace of packing for the second time. See whether the invoice and the goods are consistent with the delivery note, after confirming please sign and receive the package. If the invoice is not in the right amount, wrong information, package appearances problem or model/number is incorrect, please communicate with the delivery driver and contact customer service 092 555 365 at the same place and same time, in case you are too busy to do that you can just reject receiving the package, write the problem on the product shipping paper and take a picture.

2.    If you or someone else help you receive the products, please check the invoice information, package appearance, product amount and model number, make sure it’s correct because after you receive the product, A9 will not be responsible for any problem after the product has been signed for.


3.    If you found any quality problems regarding your package after you receive it, feel free to return it within 3 days after receiving it.