Cash on Delivery

Cash on Delivery

In A9 platform, you can choose the cash-on-delivery option as your payment option. Currently, cash on delivery can be paid using real cash and POS card payment system.

When you want to use the cash on the delivery payment option, please make sure that you choose the cash on delivery payment option on your order page and also select the choice available of what you want to pay with (Cash, POS card payment system) after an order has been confirmed, payment cannot be changed to other option. If you want to change your payment option, you must delete the order with the cash on the delivery payment option and reorder what you just deleted but with the payment option you prefer.

After your order with cash on delivery payment option has been confirmed, all A9 employees will follow your order requirements and deliver to you. After the package arrived at your area, our employee will contact you through phone call and after confirming with you, your package will be delivered to your address. A9 logistic worker will handover the goods, invoice and other related files to you.

Cash on delivery policies are listed down below:

1.     When buying multiple products in one order, if all the product arrival dates are different from each other, please refer to the last arrival date as the main time.


2.    Customer with bad credit and a history of rejecting product arrival, we will ban that customer from using cash on delivery. But he or she can still use Online payment methods to shop then they will regain their credit back and will be allowed to use cash on delivery payment option again.


Reasons why cash on delivery is not allowed:

1.    Delivery address and details must be verified by a system to be correct to use the cash on delivery option when purchasing any products.


2.    A customer who has been noted down with bad credit cannot use the cash on delivery payment option, for example, a customer who once rejected a package delivery before.


3.    Non-our-owned products do not support cash on delivery.